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The Value of Being Courteous.

Enjoy your day!

It seems that very few people use this phrase and even fewer use it email/written correspondence, it’s truly unfortunate.  Maybe in today’s world, with everyone being overly busy doing everything and nothing at the same time, it’s just something that’s not even thought about.

I recently had email correspondence with an individual and they ended each email with that phrase, it was refreshing knowing there are others who do seem to care, even if on a email signature.  The alternative is a generic response, simply them posting their name or nothing at all.  My experience has shown most will just post their name, but I think it’s that little extra the has some meaning, or at least seemingly.

Is it necessary?

I guess I see it as a small courtesy towards our fellow man, to do what we can in putting a smile on someone face,  simply trying our best to light up the day for someone else.  You never know what anyone is going through that day, what struggle they may be having?  Maybe one day, its you and that smile, friendly face or gesture could be that one thing in your day that felt nice.   If you find it offensive, maybe re-evaluating your own attitude might be something worth doing.

What if you were to complete your emails or any correspondence with a ‘enjoy your day’ (or some variation of that), how do you think that would be received? does it matter how it would? not really I dont think, but wouldn’t that give you a sense of good feeling knowing that you’re sending positive vibes to the recipient….maybe it’s the selfish way to look at it?, but I’m not sure there’s harm in that, so long as it’s not done expecting something in return.

Common Courtesy.

Its like passing through a set of doors and holding them open for whoever might be walking in behind you, it’s just a good deed, common courtesy if you ask me.  Although, there are those who pass through those opened doors and have no intention or inclination to say thank you or any acknowledgement for that kind deed, that’s ok though, someone may have kicked their cat long before you got there.

At the end of the day, it’s not rocket science, it’s a simple measure to improve your day and improve or enlighten someone else’s.  Oh, and it’s easy to do!  Cheers.

As usual, send me your thoughts and…. enjoy your day!

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