Hardly worth the effort

In most fields, there’s an awful lot of work put into the last ten percent of quality. Getting your golf score from 77 to 70 is far more difficult than getting it from 120 to 113 or even from 84 to 77. Answering the phone on the first ring costs twice as much as letting […]

8 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Life

1. Set powerful goals. The most important benefit of setting goals isn’t achieving your goal; it’s what you do and the person you become in order to achieve your goal that’s the real benefit. Goal setting is powerful because it provides focus. It shapes our dreams. It gives us the ability to hone in on the […]

Before and after

When you put the right idea into the world, people can’t unsee it. It changes our narrative. The existence of your product, service or innovation means that everything that compares to it is now treated differently. Once the fax existed, mail seemed slower. Once email was around, ae fax seemed hopelessly analog. Of course, these […]

Easier said than done

But at least you said it. It’s a mistake to hesitate on the saying part. Because if you don’t say it, it’s unlikely to get done. Dreams, goals and projects don’t require a likelihood of success merely to be discussed. Source: Seth Godin It starts with a discussion, whether that be with someone else or with yourself, […]

Did you publish?

They (whoever ‘they’ is) made it easy for you to raise your hand. They made it easy for you to put your words online, your song in the cloud, your building designs, business plans and videos out in the world. They made it easy for you to be generous, to connect, and to lead. Did […]

The moment of maximum leverage

It’s the moment before it tips, that split second where a little effort can make a big difference. We wait for this. For the day when participating will truly pay off, for the mechanical advantage that gives us the most impact for our effort. It’s a myth. Maximum leverage is the result of commitment, of […]

Why Did You Give Up On Your Dreams?

As I was browsing Reddit, I accidentally fell on an AskReddit post titled: « Why did you give up on your dream? » I was curious to see what the community had to say because I’m sure a fair amount of people have given up on their dreams at some point in their lives. Honestly, I learned a lot […]

Your best shot

Should you put all your best material up front? Later seems really far away. Now is far more urgent. But what if it’s a marathon, not a sprint? A fast start is often overestimated. If you’re truly capable of delivering world-class work later (as opposed to merely stalling), you might discover that in a world […]

The ruby slippers problem

Most of what we’re chasing is that which we’ve had all along. In our culture, the getting is ever more important than the having. There’s nothing wrong with getting, of course, as long as the process is in sync with the life you want to lead. Source: Seth Godin It’s all about the journey, within […]

Self-starters, needed

The self starter creates a spark, turning nothing, or what certainly appears to everyone else as nothing, into something. The self starter doesn’t see it that way. That ‘nothingness’ was actually an opportunity, a chance to make a connection, to do something a little better than the status quo, to get things moving. Has there […]

The Bannister Method

Roger Bannister did something that many people had said was impossible. He ran a mile in less than four minutes. The thing is, he didn’t accomplish this by running a mile as fast as he could. He did it by setting out to run a mile in one second faster than four minutes. Bannister analyzed […]

6 Effective Ways to Become Persistent

Persistence is probably one of the most admirable characters a person can possess.  It’s the ability to be determined to do or achieve something regardless of any setbacks. No great achievement is possible without persistent work. –  Bertrand Russell A distinguishing attributes of those who succeed in life against those who don’t is persistence. Many […]

How to Turn Your Vision into Reality

Crafting a vision — a compelling future, a place where we visualize ourselves, our lives, and our business is a powerful practice. There’s a reason why companies hire consultants to the tune of millions of dollars to have them be crystal clear about their vision — because, without it, there’s no guiding compass. However, crafting […]

There Is No Shortcut.

Many people reach out to me and want to know how I got to write for so many of the top publications on the internet. They’re hoping to discover some secret trick. They’re hoping they can jump the queue of all the other writers wanting exposure for their work. They’re hoping I’ll cast a magic […]

Perfect vs. important

Is there a conflict? Does holding something back as you polish it make it more likely that you’ll create something important? I don’t think so. There’s no apparent correlation. Instead, what we see is that, all things being equal, polished is better than rushed, but the most important factor is whether or not you’ve actually […]

5 Steps to Set and Achieve Bold Goals

You’ve heard the saying, and it’s well known for a reason: If your goals aren’t big enough that they inspire the socks off you (even if they simultaneously leave your knees shaking), then you’re going to be hard pressed to stay the course over the long term to make them a reality. But there’s a catch: You […]

Slow and Steady

Seth Godin The hard part is “steady.” Anyone can go slow. It takes a special kind of commitment to do it steadily, drip after drip, until you get to where you’re going. Don’t stop.  Know that the path is correct and keep steadfast.

You Can Be a Millionaire Too

The Road to Riches is a journey you can start sooner than you think. My name is Grant Cardone and I speak to audiences around the world on leadership, entrepreneurship, business, and finances.  Many years ago, I finished college with debt and no clue how to make money—and I don’t want that to happen to […]

9 Straightforward Ways to Achieve Big Things

‘The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.’ – Theodore Roosevelt 1. Learn the keys to success. Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Personal Achievement are a good place to start. Lesson 1: Definiteness of Purpose Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose and a plan, people drift […]

Tai Lopez Shares 7 Steps to Launch a Business With No Money or Experience

Last year, 310 out of 100,000 people on average created new businesses each month in the U.S., according to the 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity. Most entrepreneurs start businesses out of opportunity rather than necessity. We asked investor, philanthropist, and member of The Oracles, Tai Lopez, for his take on how to capitalize on an opportunity […]

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