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What Are You Doing To Invest In Yourself?

4 Questions That Produce Your Best Returns Nothing stands still.  Things get better or worse.  Let’s make this more personal.  We are either getting better or worse.  It’s a universal principle – starting with theContinue reading


How To Develop Mastery, Make Millions, and Be Happy

Idea #1: You don’t have a preexisting passion (nor should you want one). Idea #2: Becoming really good at something and generously using your skills to help the right people is how you quickly succeed. InContinue reading


Helping People Quickly “Get” Your Business

When you’re explaining your business, your idea, or what your startup does, people had better understand it quickly. If they don’t, there’s a very little chance of getting them to invest. Or buy. Or even care theContinue reading


5 Steps You Can Take to Live by Design, Not Default

Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions, as though on autopilot? If so, you’re not alone. In a recent study of 3,000 people, 96 percent reported living on autopilot. The researchers concluded that as our lives haveContinue reading


You’re on the Right Path if You’re Failing More Than You’re Succeeding

No one tells you about the amount of failure and rejection you are going to go through when you are “creating a business.” This could be one of the biggest reasons why so many greatContinue reading


How to Consistently Act From Your Deepest “Why” and Optimize Your Time

It is the norm to waste large portions of one’s time.  Most people have very low standards for how they use their time and they don’t have clarity about where they should direct their attention.  They haven’t created conditions to get clear on aContinue reading


We Don’t Need More Self Improvement: We Need Creators.

Countries all across the planet have created this huge self-improvement movement in the last few decades. It’s at an all-time high. Everyone’s high fiving each other. We’re reading more books about transforming our lives. We’reContinue reading


7 Productivity Hacks You Should Implement Into Your Daily Routine

When your productivity goes up, you get more stuff done, and when you get more stuff done, you feel a lot more accomplished. Even better, you get closer to your goals, you enjoy more success,Continue reading


Why Procrastination Is Not Your Fault and 4 Steps to Solve It for Good

Find out how to develop positive habits to boost productivity. Your brain is a massively complicated set of circuits—with a glitch in the system. This glitch can make it difficult to get anything accomplished during the day.Continue reading


5 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuitive Wisdom as You Design a Successful Life

Success, true success, can only be experienced when you are living life based on your particular design. The best way to know and design a life based on this is to be in constant connectionContinue reading

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3 Rules for Turning Stress Into Success

Stressed? Author and speaker Denis Waitley shares three guidelines to transform negative anxiety into positive success. Follow these rules and take action now to let go of your stress. 1. Accept the unchangeable. Everything that has happenedContinue reading


2 Shifts In Thinking That Can Change Your Life Forever

 During the first two years of building my previous company, my income was less than that of a McDonald’s employee. I was regularly discouraged by family members to “get a real job” and “pursue a differentContinue reading


Lessons from Harvard and its Most Popular Course—How to Be Happy

So I had a conversation with a friend yesterday evening and the topic was about being happy.  She found an article on the internet earlier in the day, enjoyed what she read, printed it offContinue reading


Attitude Adjustment 101: Say It Out Loud with Me…

As an attitude adjuster by profession, people will ask me, “What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about success and happiness?” My response, without hesitating, is always, “Never use your words to describe aContinue reading


If You Prioritize Your 2018 Goals This Way, You’ll Reach Every Single One of Them

Yes, its only November and already we are talking about goals for 2018.  Well why wait?! Goals only get achieved when you prioritize them the right way. Each year, right around Thanksgiving, I start reflecting. IContinue reading

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How to Build an Unstoppable Mindset According to These 5 Popular Entrepreneurs

If you ask any of the top entrepreneurs, or any entrepreneur for that matter, they’ll tell you that the one quality you need to become successful is mental toughness. Becoming mentally tough is probably something you’ve already heard about before in your life. It’s something that seems easy, yetContinue reading

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3 Ingredients to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Let’s bake a cake! This recipe calls for three simple ingredients: one cup of Courage, two tablespoons of Initiative, and three teaspoons of Will. You can put the money, education, and physical attractiveness back inContinue reading

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What Happens When You Have Clarity on What You Want

Of all the fascinating parts of Jamie Friedlander’s cover story on Rent the Runway founder Jennifer Hyman, my favorite was the explanation of how simply her now nine-figure business originally came together.   She had aContinue reading


7 Ways to Achieve Success by Starting Where You Are & With What You Have

Let’s face it, most of us love over-complicating things and often shun simple information because it’s basic. We really don’t know how to KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!). We are drawn to things that boggleContinue reading