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Entrepreneurship is not a job

You don’t apply. You don’t get a salary. No one picks you.

Bragging about how much money you’ve raised or what your valuation is a form of job thinking.

Entrepreneurship is a chance to trade a solution to someone who has a problem that needs solving.

Solve more problems, solve bigger problems, solve problems more widely and you’re an entrepreneur.

It’s tempting to industrialize this work, to make it something with rules and bosses and processes. But that’s not the heart of it.

The work is to solve problems in a way that you’re proud of.

Source: Seth Godin 

So many of us may have the thought of a side hustle or the ambition to start something, whether that be full time or on the side.  If you know the problem you are looking to solve, it’s certainly a start.  It may be as simple as scratching your own itch?  and having an outlet to do so.  Within that action, you may find that it is only a solution for yourself that is being addressed? or, there may actually be an audience ?

Regardless of what may be…it starting on that ‘problem’ or looking for that solution, and acting on it that starts something.

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