Discussing today’s issues and concerns for a stronger tomorrow.  We see and come across all sorts of challenges, those challenges are opportunities and we may not recognize them at first or at all, but at the end of the day, sometimes it takes someone else’s viewpoint for us to see the forest through the trees.  We don’t always know what’s next or even what’s now, but constantly may be looking for that, which may cause us to keep “spinning our wheels” and get nowhere. This, in turn, may cause frustration, stress, anxiety and/or a degree of depression.


The moment of inertia is often the toughest part of getting something up and running, whether that be starting a business, website, making a career move, or simply talking to someone you don’t know.  Any self-doubt, pessimism from others, and our own fear of failure certainly do not aid us in achieving our goals but may play a pivotal role in being the driving force that pushes us to succeed.  Take for example this website, as simple as it is, its been quite some time in the making and its realization has come to fruition.  This site will grow, as we should as individuals as well,  and will share our experiences.

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