How to Start a Side Hustle

Have you started?

You  don’t have to be great at something to start, but you have to start to be great at something – Zig Ziglar

That seems to be such a tough spot to be for some many people, myself included.  How many of us have great ideas and are just waiting for ‘something’ to be right or for a certain scenario to play out?  So what you do in the mean time is email yourself all of your ideas so that you don’t forget, or you write them down in your journal to use for use later with all the stars have aligned.  Whatever the venture or side hustle you embark upon, it may or may not bring you the riches you desire, but ideally, its u will bring you the success, purpose, outlet you are looking for (all of which have a different meaning to everyone).

To make things as simplistic as possible along with being cost effective, start out with your own blog.  Its a starting point that will allow you to craft your thoughts and ideas the way you want.  It allows you the freedom to express your thoughts and views while under your control.

Below are some keys to starting your side hustle:

1. Schedule like a boss, and follow that schedule like an employee.

Sticking to a routine is the hardest part, and unfortunately, it’s also the most important. If your business isn’t on a schedule, anything and everything else will eat up all of your time until your site fades away entirely. The solution? Act as your own boss and own employee.

On Sunday nights, “boss” yourself creates times in the week ahead’s calendar, for tasks and schedules for both pursuits. “Employee” you then shows up on Monday and knocks out the work. With the accountability an organized calendar makes possible, you too can carve out time for both positions.

2. Create two buckets: ‘done’ and ‘not done.’

Moving your side project forward while making it to work every day takes not only organization, but also focus. Create two buckets: “done” and “not done.” Start by listing your tasks, ranking them according to priority and scheduling them into your week. Then grind it out.

Just using productivity tools doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive, so don’t forget about the magic of self-discipline.

3. Revisit the origin frequently.  Often when I see others enjoying what they do, I ask myself, “What made me start this thing?” and “how do I want my life to be?” Regularly revisit the reason why you decided to follow your passion by tackling that challenge. If your startup doesn’t still set your soul on fire, get out.

Starting a side hustle isn’t for everyone, and you probably won’t get it right the first time around. Remember to be patient with yourself, get organized and get those tasks done. The journey isn’t always fun, but retrospective satisfaction in your accomplishments will keep you going.


To conclude.

When you are just starting out, there is so much information, whether it be in books, on the internet or through social interaction and discussions.  You could spend a lifetime immersed in researching, learning and trying to have all the facts and figures and stats, but at the end of the day, where does that get you?  Unless you are able to put that knowledge to use, what good is it?  So with that in mind, I could continue for a very, very long time reading and researching and gaining my experiences through life, and will continue to do so, but have taken the step to start this blog with this post.  It’s not definitive or gospel, but it’s a start I and it’s where I am.  Where are you? Let me know.


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