Writing to something specific.

Sometimes I find myself having a hard time to just sit and write about a topic.  I’ve started with some topics and haven’t been able to sink my teeth into that specific topic per say, and benched it for a while and started with another post.  That’s actually how this one came about, I was […]

What happens when I write.

When I find myself writing on a certain topic/expanding on a specific idea, sometimes my mind jumps to a completely separate topic all together.  I mean whats going on, is it ADHD or I’m just not ‘into’ the topic or what?  Does this ever happen to you? if so, how often?  What’s the next course of action? […]

One small step…

Building up a million dollar vocabulary starts one word at a time.  How often have you seen or heard a successful business minded individual use common slang or a poor application of the language.  Sure, occasionally it may be used, but like doctors or lawyers, there is s certain level professionalism through dialog they use on a […]

Writers block

Well….I could stare at this blank pager for hours or even days and not write anything down, or, I could just starting writing whatever comes to mind. Not coming from a journalist background, ‘writers block’ just seems to be normal occurrence for me, and was that way through school. Apparently, the more we just start […]

Movie vs. Book?

My son, who is 11, enjoys reading.  At one point, he was about half way through a book series of 3 books and mentioned to me that he wanted to watch the movie series about the books.  I mentioned to him that we can watch the movies once he has finished reading the books, but […]

Ok, so now what?

Reach out! Ok, so to follow-up from the last post, I’ve reached out to some people for guidance on helping with posts/contributions to the site and……nothing.  That’s ok! Although, it kinda sucks to a certain degree, but I find it helps build up that required thick skin.  I’m finding it trying to see where to […]

Are you just starting out?

Start where you stand.   So maybe you have spent time in corporate America and have that desire within yourself to do something different.  Where do you go? What do you do? Work part time on your fortune – Jim Rohn The venture you embark upon may or may not bring you the riches

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