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The key to motiviation

Do you feel like it’s pulling teeth to find something to write about or simply getting yourself the motivation sometimes? well that’s how it can be for me at times.

Commit to yourself!

I have found that committing to myself is what seems to be working.  There are all kinds of clichés that can be used as motivational quotes to get pen to paper, and you know what, if that’s what it takes, then great!

Everyone has different reasons for doing different things, it could be just that one thing on any given day that you need to get something done, ie. posting on a blog.  I mean, some people have hundreds of reasons while others have very few, BUT, if that person who has few motivating reasons, finds those reasons to be monumental, and are the driving force to commit change for their lives, does that make them any different than that person with hundreds?

I think one factor to motivate someone can be just as strong to that person as a hundred reasons to another.  The depth and gravity of whatever reason someone is doing whatever it is they are choosing to do, cannot be outweighed by quantity.  Only quality is the true measure and that measurement can only done by the individual themselves.

Success is personal.

Let me know where you find motivation, and how you respond to it.

Have a great day.

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