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The moment of maximum leverage

It’s the moment before it tips, that split second where a little effort can make a big difference.

We wait for this. For the day when participating will truly pay off, for the mechanical advantage that gives us the most impact for our effort.

It’s a myth.

Maximum leverage is the result of commitment, of daily persistence, of gradual and insane and apparently useless effort over time.

When it works, it merely looks like we had good timing.

Source: Seth Godin

We never know how that commitment and daily persistence will pay off or when?  Some think that it will never pay off, or give up thinking they didn’t see any payoff at all!  Truth be told, there is always some sort of payoff.  It could be in the form of material goods bought from your efforts, or the character and resolve that was built facing any challenges or realizing you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

There is always a payoff, it’s just a matter of what glasses we are using to see it? It may take a long time to realize your goals and knowing the journey is a key takeaway that shouldn’t be lost.  For many people who are looking in from the outside, they may see the end result as luck or good timing.  But what they likely don’t see is that it took years to become an overnight success with good timing.

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