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When your ideas get stolen

A few meditations:

Good for you. Isn’t it better that your ideas are worth stealing? What would happen if you worked all that time, created that book or that movie or that concept and no one wanted to riff on it, expand it or run with it? Would that be better?

You’re not going to run out of ideas. In fact, the more people grab your ideas and make magic with them, the more of a vacuum is sitting in your outbox, which means you will prompted to come up with even more ideas, right?

Ideas that spread win. They enrich our culture, create connection and improve our lives. Isn’t that why you created your idea in the first place?

The goal isn’t credit. The goal is change.

Source: Seth Godin

The reality is, ‘your’ ideas aren’t specific to you….sorry, but you don’t own them like you would a car, house, or like anything tangible.  These ideas sit in the universe or in the ‘cloud’ and are there for the taking.  It’s those who act upon ‘their’ ideas, happen to see them come to fruition or not, at least there may be something effect from their efforts.

Have you ever thought of an idea, product or some sort of invention, only to see it on a infomercial, in the stores or online today?  I know I have, along with other friends of mine as well, it didn’t make sense to me as to why?  I finally realized that I don’t own my ideas, and neither do you.

So the takeaway is, if you have an idea, run with it! Start it! make progress towards it! Let someone else be the one saying ‘Hey, that was my idea!’.


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