Tunnel vision of uncertainty

Which is worse…

Failure or fear of failure?

Fear or fear of fear?

Trying and failing or not trying at all?

Speaking up and not being heard, or suffering in silence?

Caring and losing, or not caring at all?

Doing or wondering?

Source: Seth Godin

For some, the answers may not be clear, cut and dry; whereas for others it may be simple.  Our past experiences sway these thoughts and opinions from one to the other and cause us to keep to ourselves.  But as you look in your past, chances are the most joy you have experienced came from from leaving fear behind.



As Gary Vaynerchuk points out, regret is the worst.  He mentions about talking to people in their 90’s and about their lives, they all started out with regret.  The pain of regret in those individuals cannot be undone.  For many of us, we have time to forego that future pain of regret and make something happen today.

Fear, will always be present, its learning to understand why we may be fearful.

Fear less of fear

Make things better by making things happen.

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